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I'm finally back with the follow-up to my lampshade before & after!  Here's my brass chandelier project!  I found this old brass chandelier at a thrift store on a half-off day, so I only paid $4.50 plus tax!  I've seen lots of similar projects on Pinterest, and I've always wanted to try it.  Take a look at the before & after. I'm so happy with how it turned out, and I'm excited I could add a little extra style in my daughter's nursery!

Here's what I did...

STEP 1: I removed the glass shades and rotated the arms to point up instead of down.

STEP 2: I wired the lamp to an old plug I cut off another lamp, and tested each bulb to make sure it worked.

STEP 3:  I spray painted the chandelier using a flat white outdoor spray paint I had in the shop.

STEP 4:  I (well my dad) hung the chandelier in our nursery.  (Make sure to turn off the circuit breaker for safety!)

STEP 5:  I added my DIY lampshades (see lampshade post here).