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paintedmasonjarsIt is so easy to accent your space with painted mason jars. This is one of the easiest craft projects ever (and it's pretty cheap)! All you need are a couple of mason jars (or any clear glass container), acrylic craft paint, and a paper plate. I would post pictures of the how to, but it is just SO easy. Follow along...

Step 1: Get some acrylic craft paint, like this...


Step 2: Pour some paint into the mason jar.

Step 3: Rotate jar every which way to cover the inside with paint (feel free to put the lid on if you think you might drip paint out of top, and add more paint if necessary).

Step 4: Once the inside is sufficiently covered with paint, set the jar upside down (no lid) on a thick paper plate and let the paint run out. You may need to switch out plates if you notice there is a ton of paint dripping out.

Step 5: After the paint stops dripping, turn the jar over and let dry completely for a day before you add flowers* or decorations.

*Do not add real flowers! I have not tested it, but I doubt water is good for your newly painted jar.

Step 6: Carefully pour any excess paint back into the bottle (let's not be wasteful :).

That's it! Like I said, it is an easy way to add little bit of color and personality to your space!