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shoesQuick! Do you need anything from Macy's this weekend? They are having a huge Presidents Day Sale (20% off sale prices + free shipping). You can also use your Plenti account (read on for more info) to earn an extra 2000 points ($20!) if you spend $50 at Macy's! I just snagged 2 pair of men's dress shoes, a $130 value, for only $14.88!!! These will last my hubby at least 4 or 5 years! That's about $3 a year for shoes!

Here's how:

$65.00 Bostonian Kopper Rine Slip On (Regular Price) x 2 = $130.00

$49.99 On Sale x 2 = $99.98

Get an additional 20% off during the Presidents Day Sale = - $20

Spend $75 and get Free Shipping(Shipping is $10, so I wanted to avoid that!)

$79.98 Total

$84.78 Total With Tax

-$47.50 Used my Plenti point balance at checkout

$37.28 Total Out of Pocket Cost

Other Promotions:

Get 2000 Plenti points on your first purchase at Macy's of $50 or more = $20 goes back on my Plenti card!

Get 3 points for each $1 spent if you purchase through the Plenti website* = $2.40 back on my Plenti card!

*We'll see if they give me this in addition to the 2000-point offer


$14.88 for 2 pair of shoes (valued at $130)!

nationwidedynWhat is Plenti?

This is a new rewards program where you earn points for money you spend at retailers like Macy's, Hulu, Nationwide, AT&T, RiteAid, and more. You can earn points by linking your Plenti card to your RiteAid account, AT&T bill, and Nationwide insurance premiums. I have our card linked to our AT&T bill, so each month the bill is paid, points are added to our Plenti card (FREE MONEY!). You can also earn points at Exxon or Mobil gas stations. Like I mentioned above in my rundown, by shopping at Macy's THROUGH the Plenti website, I earned triple the points on my purchase (you MUST click on the Macy's link on the Plenti site to earn the extra points and enter your Plenti number at checkout). Plenti also offers promotions like the 2000-point bonus for spending $50+ at Macy's on your first Plenti purchase there.

card-logosHow do you use Plenti points?

This took me some time to figure out! Their website is a little complicated and unclear when it comes to using points. If you have any questions, just ask me! Each Plenti point is worth 1 cent. So if you have 500 points, you can redeem it for $5. I had over 5000 at one point. That's $50 I earned by doing pretty much nothing. You can spend 2500 points at Exxon or Mobil for $25 off your gas purchase (unfortunately there aren't smaller increments!). At RiteAid, you can use ANY point amount and apply it to your purchase. A couple weeks ago, I bought $7 of shampoo and conditioners I had coupons for, so I swiped my Plenti card, and used 700 points to pay! I didn't have to spend a dime of my own money. What's even better: I earned 400 Plenti points on that RiteAid purchase buy buying shampoo that was part of a Plenti promotion at RiteAid at the time! That's $4 right back on my card!

At Macy's, you can go into the store and swipe your Plenti card and spend as many points as you want on your purchase. Just like RiteAid. I received an email from Plenti about earning an extra 2000 points this week if I spent over $50 at Macy's for the first time. I've shopped at Macy's before, but never with a Plenti card. Therefore, I qualified for this deal! If you are new to Plenti, you will too! If you try this, make sure to go online to your Plenti account and ACTIVATE the deal!

My Thoughts about Plenti

In my opinion, Plenti is definitely worth it if you shop at RiteAid, Macy's, have an AT&T account, or shop online a lot. Plenti's list of online marketplace partners is HUGE. I'm sure they get a cut of your purchase for referring you, but you still earn points, so I think it's worth it. I've tried to use my Plenti points at Exxon and Mobil stations, but the card readers EACH time I've tried have had errors, so I just gave up trying to use my points there. It is also a bit annoying that you can only use 2500 points to get $25 off. Sometimes I don't spend that much on a full tank of gas since gas is SO cheap where I live.

I've been very happy with how easy it is to use points at RiteAid (and how easy it is to earn extra points there!). Macy's is also very easy to work with when I need "big ticket" items like shoes, household supplies, etc.

Here's the website, try it for yourself. Let me know if you have questions!

Plenti Website