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This is a project from a while ago, but I thought I'd post it to my new blog! I was tired of my disorganized kitchen drawers, and the plastic drawer organizers just weren't cutting it. I commissioned my wonderfully handy husband to create organizers out of the pre-cut 2-inch wide and 6-inch wide wood strips you can find at Home Depot (or Lowes, etc), and some clear all-purpose adhesive glue (the tube is used with a caulk gun...wish I could remember the brand).

To measure the pieces, I laid a large piece of paper in the drawer, and with a ruler, I drew out the lines where the slats would be placed.

DIY TIP: Make sure to account for the thickness of the boards you choose, otherwise your measurements between slats could be off when you lay out the pieces in the drawer.)

Then, we cut the pieces and laid them on the paper. We made adjustments as necessary (cutting any long boards, sanding, etc). Then my handy husband glued them together and into the drawer so they wouldn't move.

DIY TIP: You can choose to not glue the boards to the drawer (what we did at first), but if you don't, and you didn't align the slats perfectly on the vertical, your knives and other utensils will constantly slide underneath the organizer creating gaps for other utensils to slip through. (Gahhh! Annoying.)

The top picture is our silverware drawer (using 2-inch pieces), and the bottom is our random utensil drawer (for measuring cups, spatulas, wine and tea supplies, pizza cutters, etc).