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fff_slf_2I have been considering blogging about frugal living, DIY projects, and crafty mom projects for a while now. After months of brainstorming, and weeks of designing, developing and putting the finishing touches on my blog site (yes, I do work as a professional web designer & developer at Phink Ink, our family-owned business), here it is: The Fink Family Farm blog!

As a perfectionist, I had to make sure every little detail looked exactly the way I wanted it, but I probably just used the development as an excuse to avoid blogging (I mean, who is going to read this but my husband, a few girl friends, and my mom)... My patient husband encouraged me to stop programming and just start blogging, thanks honey. As you read these posts (and hopefully somewhere out there I have a captivated audience...), I hope you are inspired to try something fun and creative.

The next few posts I plan to publish are projects that I have been working in between major life events - getting married, moving across the country, starting a new job and having a baby. (Yes, yes, I should really nap when the baby's napping!) As you crafty moms know, it takes so much longer to get projects done with children, but it's such a great outlet for creative can be rejuvenating! So, more projects to come! Stay tuned! Contact me if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions!