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I created a Saint coloring page & story to go along with the peg doll!

I created a coloring page & story to go along with the peg doll. The story and artwork are from the web.

This craft idea was inspired by an awesome, creative, holy, dear friend of mine, mother to three great kids, including our sweet goddaughter. She painted an incredible St. Therese of Lisieux peg doll for our daughter for Christmas, and her boys showed me a couple others she made. What an amazing idea, I thought!

I am always trying to think of ways to teach the faith to our daughter and teach her a deep love for Christ. The lives of the Saints are perfect for that as they loved Christ above all else and live now with Him in heaven. In addition to the Church, the scriptures, and relationships with others, my husband and I truly hope that our children will model their lives after the saints follow the saints. The lives and teachings of the saints are filled with examples of heroic virtue. I sincerely hope the saints become our childrens' heroes, superheroes, role models, friends, and supporters from heaven!

For this project, I needed a selection of unfinished wooden dolls, paint, brushes, sealant, a fine-tip Sharpie, and images for inspiration. I picked up some two-inch peg dolls from Michaels (the craft store). I also bought a bit of acrylic sealant (mine was paint-on, but in the future, I will opt for a spray-type like this so that I don't smear any of the Sharpie-drawn details). Thankfully, I already had all of the paint and brushes I needed at home, and cheap, acrylic craft paints work perfectly. I searched online and found several images, printed them, and used them as models for my dolls (I'm hoping a craft project doesn't require citations! ;)

St. Juan Diego and St. Elizabeth of Hungary were my first two attempts. I made one for my godson's baptismal birthday, and the other for his new baby sister (named after Elizabeth of Hungary) who arrived the week before. I also made a copy of each for my daughter. I included a coloring page and a printed story of the life of the saint with the dolls. I heard they were excited to read the stories! It was something simple, but made and given with lots of love!

Next time, I think I'll try out three-inch peg dolls (probably from this craft website - click here). That seems to be the cheapest place to get them. The two-inch ones are a bit hard to paint because they are so small. Though it would be cool to paint all sorts of sizes. I'd use the smaller dolls for the younger, teenage or child-aged saints, and the bigger dolls for the adult saints. I can just imagine it now: dozens of saint peg dolls all lined up on a table, young and old, with a Jesus peg doll, as my daughter plays "Communion of Saints in Heaven" with the dolls! How incredible would that be!