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canvastoteHere's a great gift idea for moms, grandmas, and even teachers!  Create a personalized canvas tote using your child's footprints and a little fabric paint!  This is a super easy, yet charming little project.  All you need is your little one, a little fabric paint, a foam brush, a canvas bag, a thin paint brush, and a pencil.

tote2Step 1: Use the foam brush to paint a little fabric paint on one of your baby's feet.  Make sure to cover it completely, especially those little toesies.  Press the foot onto the canvas bag towards the right side of the bag.  Make sure to angle baby's foot to look like the side of a "V".  Wash baby's foot, then repeat with the other side.

Step 2: Trace out the word "LOVE" in cursive on the bag using the pencil.  If you use the pencil lightly, you can erase it if you don't like your design.  If there is extra room before or after the word "LOVE", use the pencil to draw a wavy line to the edge of the bag.

Step 3: Using a thin paint brush, paint your letters.

toteStep 4 (optional): Using a thin Sharpie, write your child's first first and middle name above the wavy line, and the occasion underneath (Mothers Day 2015, for example).

Ta Da!  You're done!  And your gift's recipient will be the envy of all the ladies in the grocery store!

Where to find canvas totes for cheap:
I bought mine (a 3-pack) at Joann Fabrics.  With a 40, 50 or 60% off coupon, they are a steal at only a few dollars each!  They have lots of different sizes.  Hobby Lobby and Michaels would also have them.