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I love organizing and I love efficiency, so our home command center was an exciting project to design and complete. In this post, you'll find all of the photos of my new space from every angle! I love having a place for my shopping list, paperwork that needs attention, receipts I need to reconcile, keys, and spare change. It keeps the clutter (and unnecessary stress) under control. No longer do things pile up on the counter, on the kitchen table, or around the house, because they have a new home right by the front door, next to the kitchen.

I've seen pictures of really great command centers online, with fancy metal file folders to sort paperwork and mail, really interesting hooks to hold keys and bags, and great artwork. For a while, I looked around at Hobby Lobby and thrift stores for items I could use to organize my command center, especially a box to mount on the wall where I could store wallets, headphones, spare change, dry erase markers, and all of those oddly-shaped objects.

After searching for a while and finding nothing I liked (and nothing very cheap!), I decided that I could repurpose things around the house to create my command center.

I had plastic file folders from when I was a teacher that I mounted on the wall for my paperwork. To make the plastic look a little more "design-y" and a little less cheap, I added a painted wooden label to each one (get the unfinished plaques at Michaels for less than 50 cents!). I also took interesting scrapbook paper and clear contact paper and "laminated" my own file folders. I think it works pretty well (FREE also makes it look WAY better, too!).

I had decorative wrought-iron shelf brackets from a previous project. I spray painted them gold to match the decor. I then found a weathered piece of wood out in the shop. It was originally part of the house or garage, but I can't seem to figure out where. It is the perfect width and even has a lip on one edge making it perfect for a shelf! It is an interesting piece to give my command center a little extra personality.

Before I started this project, I envisioned a place for wallets, watches, spare change, markers and pens in my command center. I knew I wanted to put change and markers in pint-sized mason jars, but I couldn't find the ideal container in any store. My handy husband generously offered to create one for me. He built the box, I painted it, he mounted it to the wall, and now it holds everything I had in mind.

If you're interested, read my post, "Easy DIY Project: Painting a 'Modified' Chevron" to learn how to paint your own modified chevron pattern on wood, canvas, or other surface! It's so easy, even kids can try it!

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