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Here’s another DIY organization project! This wall cabinet sat on the floor in the basement of Gram’s farmhouse for years and held lots of canning jars. Gram said, “I especially enjoy seeing that ancient cupboard come up from a basement full of cobwebs and then turned into an beautiful and useful piece of furniture. That cupboard was found in the basement of a rented house about 55 years ago and I liked how solid and well built it was so bought it when we moved, Since then it has been moved and used in at least 4 other basements until now it is restored and returned to it’s deserved place as a piece of beauty in the living room! Great work Sarah and Brian.”

We had to tear off the back panel because it had lots of water damage (although surprisingly, the cabinet itself was in excellent shape!). I added a fresh coat of a great sunny yellow paint that I picked up for free at Lowe’s (a sample size was all it took!). My wonderful husband quartered an old end table and simply screwed the quartered pieces to the underside of the cabinet to add legs. Rather than removing the legs and hardware and reattaching it to the cabinet, this was much simpler this way and added a little extra stability.

I sprayed the hardware and bottom half of the legs gold, added decorative plates from an our old hutch behind new glass knobs (from Hobby Lobby – best place to find knobs at half off!), painted stripes on the shelves, and TADA! It is now the perfect place to hide the TV, Roku, DVD player, speakers, a surge protector, and our entire DVD collection! (A great space saving idea, life-simplifying idea: Use CD binders to store all of your DVDs. Do we really need to have every DVD box on display anyway?). I should also mention, for safety reasons, we “L” bracketed the cabinet to the wall on top so it would not topple over on curious crawling babies. Removing the water-stained back panel also make the cabinet a bit wobbly, but after we attached it to the wall, it was very sturdy.