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This cabinet used to reside in my grandparent’s house deep in the basement buried under decades of dust and piles of random “store out of sight” items. I was told it was a TV console that they gutted and made into a bookcase.

With a coat of fresh white paint to match the wall trim, a few stripes in gray to match the walls, wonderfully-woven, textured baskets, and some decorating, this piece works perfectly in our daughter’s nursery. It’s a great place to store baby essentials we need at a moment’s notice: burp cloths, bibs, and blankets. I think it is important to pair organic elements (woods) with some more modern elements (the circles and stripes), with a clean color palette to form a cohesive space. I found the embroidery hoops for pennies at a thrift store in small town Iowa and added fabrics that are used throughout the room. I added hand-painted labels in a whimsical cursive to the baskets to help keep the space organized. Overall, I am very pleased with how this piece turned out!